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If you have no previous experience with counselling it can be hard to know what to expect. To give you an idea, I'll explain here the basic process I use to begin your time in therapy. Once the preliminaries are dealt with, the rest of the time is yours to explore at you own pace.


To start with I offer a free assessment over the phone which usually lasts around twenty minutes. The primary reason for this is to establish a rapport, gather information about your specific needs and expectations and to make practical arrangements such as the time and place for your sessions as well as determine whether you would prefer to meet in person or work together online. Either is fine. If for some reason either of us feels we would not be suited to work together I will endeavour to guide you towards the help you seek.


During your first session we will formulate a contract. A contract is an essential part of developing the safe boundaries needed in a therapeutic relationship. It is in the contract where I officially bound myself to working within the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling. The contract also deals with other aspects such as our agreement of where and when your sessions will take place and of course, fees and cancellations.


From here we will spend your sessions as you wish. You are free to discuss anything and you will not be forced to disclose anything you do not wish. You are not bound into a lengthy process and you are always free to cease therapy whenever you wish. Of course I will be happy to chat to you to answer any questions you may have either about myself personally or in regards to what to expect in therapy.

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