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Whether you’re new to therapy or returning, this part can be often feel like pot luck and in a way, it kind of is. So then let me tell you a bit about myself.

I have been a qualified and practicing therapist for close to a decade and over that time I have come to specialise in working primarily with all aspects of both trauma and Neurodiversity- that is conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and others. Through working with trauma I also have extensive experience working with issues around suicide, Bipolar, PTSD, abuse, grief and more. Though this is not nearly the extent of my experience it is the fields in which I have come to specialise and choose to focus my work towards.

If you are wanting to address any issue of or around Neurodiversity, or if you are struggling with lingering issues of trauma, which could look like heightened anxiety, phobias, intrusive thoughts, emotional outbursts, avoidance or more, if you know it is time to explore that thing you have held deep for far too long, then it may be that I am the therapist for you.

My ethos is to always be honest, open and transparent. I work without judgement and always with empathy. I work to assist you in becoming who you truly are, from your perspective.

That all said, I do not take many clients on at a time and I only see clients online and during the first half of the day.

Given that there is now a real cost of living crisis I have reduced my fees to only £40.00 per appointment though since Covid-19, I now only work online or via telephone which I had surprisingly found these methods to be as efficient as face to face.

If you are deeply struggling, feel like your teetering on the edge of crisis, cannot see a future, then please drop me a line.

I am always happy to have a brief 20 chat via phone or online. If it happens that I cannot take you on, I am always happy to assist your search so that you can avoid finding another closed door.

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